Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Serving My Siblings

So it's become a habit for me that every time I go back home I do manicures for my siblings, this set of pictures are the manicures that I did the first time around I went home. I wish I could tell you what polish I used to do their marbling but I don't remember the names. Some of the brands I used were Sally Hansen, Love My Nails and Milani, NYC.

B's Nails:

K's Nails:

S's Nails:


Last but not least, I also did my nails that same weekend after taking off my Sally Hansen HD Laser marble.
I know for the base coat I used Sally Hansen's French Tip for the marble itself I cannot recall the names but they were Love My Nails polishes. I dubbed this one "Tye Dye Swirl"

Tomorrow I'll be sure to show you some of the other marbles I did before I finally, finally get to my current mani (probably by Friday). Until tomorrow my lacquer lovers!

- Tulip

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