Friday, April 15, 2011

Caught Up

So today I finally get to post up my current mani! Only after I show you the mani's my sisters and mom have been modeling all week. Last weekend was S's birthday and I decided I would give her nothing less than an awesome manicure for her birthday. With that I ended up giving all my sisters mani's as well as my mom.

I wish I could tell you what the exact name was for the NYC deep purple color that was her base coat. It was a gorgeous almost duo chrome color, a dark purple with a pink shine. The marble on top is my Pure Ice Wild Thing used with some unnamed brand of clear. Needless to say this turned out perfect for a birthday mani!

I tried to get B to stand still long enough to snap a few pics of her marble mani. I used Wild Thing and Milani Purple Passion and some frosty blue color by Love My Nails, I really don't know the names of the polishes they have at home. It turned out pretty awesome though.

On K's nails I marbled with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away! Once again Wild Thing was a favorite for my sisters. The red is something by Love My Nails. Unfortunately K never knows how to sit still and always ends up smudging something so her nails aren't exactly pristine. They're still pretty amazing though and the colors are gorgeous together.

I also did my mom's nails for the first time and unfortunately my mom is even worse than K, she is ALWAYS unsatisfied with whatever I do and cant sit still long enough to not smudge every single one of her nails. I used Milani's Pink Out Loud as the base coat and Pure Ice Really Rio for the slight orange in there and I'm pretty sure the blue was Pure Ice Calypso. Here is my attempt to capture a shot of her nails before she did something horrendous to them.

It was easier to just get both of her hands in one shot instead of taking two since she was soo immersed in her TV show. I didn't get to do my marble until Monday, so here is the mani I've been wearing all week! I have on Orly Pixie Dust from the Once Upon A Time collection as my base coat. It was such a sparkly beautiful grey that I had to have it when I saw it, I also bought Enchanted Forest but that will be swatched for another time. Here it is in all it's glory.

Then I used Love My Nails Rasberry for a marble with the Pixie Dust. I did a slightly different style to this marble, just sort of experimenting I guess. It turned out suitable enough. Then I sealed and smoothed everything out with my NYC. It's starting to chip today, so you can bet that I'm gonna be taking it off soon and I'll have a new mani before the weekend is over. Here it is!

Excuse the flaws, like cotton sticking around, messy clean up and air bubbles (those darn air bubbles!!) All in all, it turned out pretty nice. It was an interesting experiment. So now, let's see what I come up with this weekend for next weeks mani! Until later my lacquer lovers!

- Tulip

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