Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alternative Art

So today, since I haven't decided what to do for a mani yet, I thought I would share some of my own art. I love doing nails because it's like a different form of art. I also write poetry, short stories, paint, dye hair and get tattoos. It's all art to me even though I haven't done some of those things in a while. When I have the resources to do hair and get tattoos I'll be sure to include them here. So for today I'd like to show you all some of my body art!

This is my first when I turned 18, it says my name in my native language on my left wrist. I actually wrote it down for the artist and he just replicated it. Now I'll never forget! It was actually free because I came on my birthday to get it. I went to Second 2 None but when I went back home I learned that they went out of  business. It's a shame because they were really nice.

 A few days after my birthday I went back to Second 2 None to get this Phoenix on my left shoulder. I came up with the French phrase underneath it as well which reads "Vivant Encore" It means "Live Again" rather obvious since Phoenixes never die, they always come to live again, being born out of their own ashes. It was about $180 (including tip). I decided on getting a Phoenix because it the essence of my being, I continually reinvent myself and rise from all my obstacles. Why the phrase in French? It's a passionate language, someday which I hope to learn fluently.

Then about a year later I went to Diablo Rojo near where I used to live in the city and finally got two Koi Fish in the Pisces formation. Being the epitome of a Pisces I decided it was fitting also, I chose the fish to compliment the colors of my Phoenix. This one was about $180 as well. The French phrase underneath reads "Espirit Immortel" which means "Immortal Spirit". Since I'm a firm believer in reincarnation, (thus the Phoenix as well) it just made sense to me that I'd be a Pisces in spirit forever. Enough of that though, here is a pic!

Those are all the tattoos I have for now. When I have more money I'll start the hunt for prices and artists to do my next tattoos. Now I'm off to figure out what new mani I want to try today.

- Tulip

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