Saturday, April 16, 2011

OPI Moscow Red

Apparently this is one really hard to find color! I keep looking for a place to see it swatched but I could only find it here other than that I decided to show everyone my favorite color this week. It's such a beautiful creme. Every girl should have a bottle of red polish just like a little black dress (although I need a new little black dress soon). Having this gorgeous red on my nails makes me so happy. It's plain right now, I can't decide whether I want to add a little decor to it or not. If I change anything on this mani I'll post it up but for now enjoy it's beauty!

Here's OPI Moscow Red


I figured I wanted to add a little white to my thrilling red and I don't have my liner brushes yet so I tried to wing it with a toothpick design. Using Sally Hansen's White Tip, this is what I came up with, enjoy!

- Tulip

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